Every Building Tells a Story

The city streets of Rochester are filled with buildings constructed in all different architectural designs dating back to the early 1800s. Rochester has always felt great pride for the architectural beauty within its bounds. This pathfinder will explore some of the remarkable structures gracing the city skyline today. Every building has its own style; made with different materials to serve various uses, and every building tells a story.

In an article published in the March 23, 1888 edition of the Union & Advertiser, a local newspaper, it was written, "the buildings of a city are like the dress of a person in showing prosperity, enterprise, judgment, taste and peculiarities. Let us then take a look at Rochester’s apparel."

Boynton House
Eastman Theatre
George Eastman Birthplace
Livingston-Backus House
Powers Building
Rundel Memorial Building
St. Bernard’s
St. Luke’s

Eastman Theatre.

George Eastman Birthplace.

Livingston-Backus House.

Powers Building.

Rundel exterior.

St. Bernard's Seminary.

St Luke's Church.

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