In a growing community it is inevitable to see the drop of a wrecker’s ball, knocking down a building and a piece of history. Not only are structures leveled, but so too are the memories associated with those buildings. Rochester has seen its share of demolition. Buildings are razed when they fall into disuse or disrepair, they are razed when they cannot be adapted for reasonable reuse and often times they are razed in the name of progress: so that structures deemed bigger and better can be built. This pathfinder will explore some significant local buildings that have been demolished: buildings that were landmarks to former generations, buildings that are part of a lost Rochester.


Elwood Building
Kimball Tobacco Factory
New York Central Railroad Station
Reynolds Arcade
Rochester Savings Bank
Rochester Trust & Safe Deposit Company
Second Monroe County Courthouse
The Warner Observatory
Western House of Refuge

Neighborhood Transitions and Transformations

Elwood Building. The Kimball Tobacco Factory. New York Central Railroad Station. Reynolds Arcade. Rochester Savings Bank. Rochester Trust & Safe Deposit.

Second Monroe County Courthouse.

The Warner Observatory.

Western House of Refuge.

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