Architectural Styles: Second Empire

Powers Building, Rochester.
Powers Building, Rochester


Frederick Cook House,Rochester, Built circa 1876.
Frederick Cook House, Rochester
Built circa 1876


Anderson Hall, University of Rochester, Rochester, Built circa 1861.
Anderson Hall University of Rochester,
Rochester, Built circa 1861


Henry A. DeLand House, Fairport, Built circa 1876.
Henry A. DeLand House, Fairport
Built circa 1876


Second Empire Style is also known as Mansard Style. This is due to the characteristic high Mansard style roof, which has two slopes on each of the four sides. It is named after the French architect Francois Mansart (1598-1666). This style became popular in Paris in the 1850's, the "Second Empire" period. In the United States, this style was popular between 1855-1885. Buildings in the Second Empire Style were useful because the tall narrow structures could fit easily into crowded urban settings. Also, homeowners could use the attics for living space, as the roofline was relatively flat.



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