The Architectural Heritage of the Warners in Rochester, NY

Powers Building at Four Corners, circa 1888-1891.

Academy Building.

Monroe County Courthouse.


For roughly 90 years Rochester’s architecture was dominated by the designs of the Warner family. Andrew Jackson Warner (1833-1910) and his son John Foster Warner (1859-1937) were the area’s leading architects and their careers spanned the years between the 1840s and the 1930s. During this time period the Warners received numerous major commissions in Rochester and western New York. Both men executed designs in several different styles on all types of buildings including private homes, government buildings, churches, schools, banks and commercial office buildings. The fact that so many Warner buildings are still standing testifies to the structural strength and aesthetic appeal of their designs.

Warner Portraits.

Portraits of the Warners from "Rochester in History" published in 1922


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