Building Name: Richardson’s Canal House

Richardson's Canal House. Before renovations, ca. 1958-1978?

Street Address: 1474 Marsh Rd. Pittsford, NY 14534

Owner: Vivienne Tellier and Andrew D. Wolfe

Present Use (2003): Richardson’s Canal House Inn (

Heritage Status: On National Register of Historic Places

Building Information

Date built (renovations): ca. 1818. Renovated and restored in 1978.

Original owners and original use: Owned first by John Pardee. Sold to John Hartwell in 1821 then William Bushnell in 1823, then Elias and Gould Richardson. Used as a public house and inn for canal workers, travelers, etc.

Subsequent Uses: remained a public house until the 1930’s when it was sold to a nudist group (Group only remained there briefly). Completely abandoned in 1960’s. Purchased and renovated by Vivienne Tellier and Andrew D. Wolfe in 1978. Opened as a restaurant in 1979.

Previous Buildings on site: originally a smaller farmhouse owned by John Pardee.


Design and Style: Federal-transitional-Greek Revival

Currently a restaurant, it was completely renovated in 1978 after being abandoned for many years. Original exterior color was brought back. Most of interior trim and exterior are original.

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