Architectural Styles: Greek Revival

The Jonathan Child House, Rochester, Built 1837.
The Jonathan Child House, Rochester
Built 1837


Woodside, Rochester, Built 1838.
Woodside, Rochester
Built 1838


30 Loud Road, Perinton, Built 1840's.
30 Loud Road, Perinton
Built 1840's


Cobblestone building, Webster, Built 1845.
Cobblestone building, Webster
Built 1845


After the War of 1812, Americans began looking for a new national identity, which was more distinct from that of England. One of the places architects turned to for inspiration was Greece. Greece was undergoing its own revolutionary struggle in the 19th century, and Greece (ancient and modern) became a symbol of democracy and liberty.

This style, which came to be known as Greek Revival, was based on the form of the ancient Greek temple. It could be adapted to elegant urban mansions as well as modest country dwellings. It was popular from around 1820 to 1860.


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