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Here are some photographs of Civil War soldiers. Some of the soldiers are identified, some not. Whether famous or unknown, what comes to mind when you see these images? How old do these people appear to be? Where are these pictures taken? Why were they taken? If they are wearing uniforms, are they the same, or different? How would you begin to research these people and add more information to these descriptions?

For more information on researching soldiers see Bob Marcotte's article on Rochester soldier Julius Armbruster: In Search of Julius Armbruster, Rochester Civil War Soldier, Rochester History, Vol. 63 No(s) 4 (Fall 2001).

Col. Arthur T. Lee

C. Winslow and Charles Montgomery

Gen. Elwell Stephen Otis

Charles R. Douglass

Richard Kingston Robert Gould Shaw Maj. F. S. Cunningham Henry Strathern(?)
Unidentified Soldier Unidentified Soldier Lt. James Hall Louis Chapin(?)
Patrick O'Rorke Capt. George French Edward Rech(?) Lt. Montgomery Backus
Capt. Charles S. Montgomery Isaac F. Quinby Benjamin F. Baker Horace McGuire
Edwin S. Gilbert