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The Erie Canal
The Erie Canal
Explore how the Canal worked, and see and read about the changes the Canal brought in business, trade, travel, and everyday life.
The Canal and the River
The Canal and the River
The Canal and the River
An interactive map of the Erie Canal crossing the River.
The Hilton IGA Store during the 1965 Fire
Meeting the Challenge
Meeting the Challenge: Hilton, New York's Response to the Threat of Fire
Explore the impact the threat of fire has had on a small Monroe County community throughout its history. Learn how Hilton's fire department was established and grew. How does a fire department fit into the social life of a community? See examples of older and more modern forms of fire fighting equipment and techniques. Read first hand accounts of the toll fire has taken on the Village. What changes have occurred in Hilton as a result of the devastation of fire?
Harvesting the Collamer Orchard
Living off the Land
Living off the Land: Hamlin
Discover how one local town has utilized and beautified its natural resources throughout the years.
East Commercial Street
A Century Ago
A Century Ago: Life in a Small Industrial Community in the Early 1900s
Explore the "ins and outs" of daily life in the community of East Rochester circa 1900. 
Rochester Images has also developed Architecture Pathfinders. Learn about architecture through six different pathfinders focusing on buildings in Rochester and Monroe County, New York as well as the local architects who helped build what we see today!