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List of Directory and Plat Maps in Rochester Images


Landmarks on the 1935 Vol. 2 Plat book of the City of Rochester, New York.



   A. Friedrich & Sons Inc.

   A. Gioia & Brother Macaroni

   A.C. Crittenden Co.

   A.L. Proudfoot Coal

   A.M. D’Aprile Gasoline & Oil Corporation

   A.P. Little, Inc.

   Aberdeen Park

   Abstract Title & Mortgage Corp.

   Acme Garage

   Admiral (Apartment)

   Aetna Building

   Agnew Court

   Alberta (Apartment)

   Alden (Apartment)

   Allen (Apartment)

   Allen Street Parking Station

   Alling & Cory Company

   Altman (Apartment)

   American Laundry Machine Company

   American Red Cross Rochester Chapter

   American Ribbon & Carbon Co.

   Apollo (Apartment)

   Aqueduct Building

   Archer Motor Co.

   Arden Miller Inc. Coal

   Armour Co.

   Armour Co.

   Arnett Service Station

   Arnett Theatre

   Art Gallery

   Arthur D. Heaney Garage

   Atkinson Company Foundry

   Atlantic Gas Station

   Atlantic Gas Station

   Atlantic Gas Station

   Atlantic Refining Co. Incorporated

   Atlantic Stamping Company

   Avery (Apartment)

   Avon (Apartment)



   B. Armstrong & Co., Inc.

   B.P. Masseth Dairy

   B.R. & P. Warehouse Inc. [Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh]

   Baker Art Glass Studio

   Balcron Coal Co.

   Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Car Shops

   Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Car Shops

   Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Freight House

   Baltimore & Ohio Railroad General Offices

   Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Passenger Station

   Barnard & Simonds Company Chairs

   Barnett (Apartment)

   Barr & Creelman Co.

   Barrington (Apartment)

   Beaumont (Apartment)

   Bee Hive Building

   Big Elm Dairy Company

   Big Elm Dairy Company Stables

   Black Diamond Coal Corporation

   Blanchard Storage Co. Inc.

   Blanchard Storage Co. Inc.

   Blue Diamond Burner Company

   Board of Education Repair Shop

   Bogert’s Garage

   Booth Bros. Co.

   Boutell Mfg. Co. Machinery Mfrs.

   Bowman’s Garage

   Brace Mueller Huntley Inc.

   Bradley’s Motor Truck Terminal

   Brewster (Apartment)

   Brewster, Gordon & Co. Inc.

   Brick Church Institute

   Brick Presbyterian Church

   Brighton Place Dairy Co. Inc.

   Brighton Place Dairy Co. Inc.

   Brookview (Apartment)

   Brown Chevrolet

   Brown Square

   Brown Square

   Brown Square Hall

   Brush-Punnett Inc.

   Builder’s Exchange of Rochester

   Burke Refining Co. Inc.

   Burton (Apartment)



   C & D Warehouse Corporation

   Caldwell Mfg. Co.

   Calvary Baptist Church

   Canterbury Apts.

   Carlton (Apartment)

   Carpenters Hall

   Carter Building

   Casa Loma (Apartment)

   Cathedral Convent

   Cathedral Hall

   Center Park Station

   Central Presbyterian Church

   Central Trust Building

   Charles Frank Metal Company

   Charles Johnson Lumber Co. Inc.

   Chatfield & Woods Co. Inc.

   Chili  (Apartment)

   Chili Ave. Garage

   Christadelphia Church

   Church of Our Lady of Good Counsel (R.C.)

   Church of the Epiphany Parsonage

   Church of the Holy Apostles R.C. & Rectory

   Church of the Holy Family R.C. and Rectory

   City Coal & Coke Co.

   City Hall

   City Hall Annex

   City Hall Subway Station (Rochester Subway)

   City Incinerator Plant

   Clifton Building

   Cochran-Bly Co.

   Coke Storage

   Colonial Beacon Oil Co.

   Colonial Beacon Oil Co.

   Colonial Beacon Oil Co.

   Columbia (Apartment)

   Columbia Ave. Church of Christ

   Comerford Building

   Comfort (Apartment)

   CONOCO (Continental Oil Company) Petroleum Wholesale Corporation Bulk
      Station Terminal

   Consolidated Feldspar Corporation

   Continental Wonder Bakeries Corp.

   Continental Wonder Bakeries Corp. and Garage

   Continuation School

   Cornhill (Apartment)

   Cornhill Methodist Episcopal Church

   Council Hall

   Cramer Force Co., Inc.

   Cranbrooke (Apartment)

   Crane Company

   Crew Levick Co.

   Crew Levick Co.

   Cross Bros. Co. Inc.

   Crouch & Beahan Co.

   Croyden (Apartment)



   Davenport Machine Tool Company Inc.

   Davis Keyseater Co.

   De Sota & Plymouth

   Delafield (Apartment)

   Delco Appliance Corporation

   Democrat & Chronicle

   Devonshire (Apartment)

   Dewey Apartments

   Doyle’s Texaco Gas Station

   Doyle’s Texaco Gas Station

   Doyle’s Texaco Gas Station



   E.C. Brown Company

   E.E. Fairchild Corporation

   E.T. Clark Carting Co. Inc.

   E.T. Clark Carting Co. Inc.

   Eastman Kodak Company Camera Works

   Eastman Kodak Company Offices

   Eastman Kodak Company Woodworth Building

   Eddy (Apartment)

   Edgerton (Apartment)

   Edgerton Park

   Edgerton Park

   Edgerton Park  Hiram Haskell Edgerton Memorial

   Edgerton Park Boiler House

   Edgerton Park Exhibition Buildings

   Edgerton Park Peristyle

   Edgerton Park Station (Rochester Subway)

   Education Building

   Electric Panelboard Co. Inc.

   Electric Storage Battery Co.

   Elwood Building

   Emanuel Presbyterian Church

   Emerson (Apartment)

   Emerson Station (Rochester Subway)

   Emerson Station (Rochester Subway)

   Emmanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church

   Empire Clay Products Company

   Empire Haulage Corp.

   Enterprise Foundry Company

   Erdle Perforating Company

   Erie Foundry Company

   Erie Railroad Freight House

   Erie Railroad Freight House

   Exchange Lumber Co. Inc.

   Exchange Place Building

   Exchange Street Building



   F & C. Crittenden Co.

   F.B. Rae Oil Company

   F.E. Reed Glass Company

   F.E. Reed Glass Company

   F.E. Reed Glass Company

   F.E. Reed Glass Company

   F.L. Heughes & Co. Inc. Structural Steel Works

   F.O.E. Aerie No. 52

   Fahy Market Inc.

   Fairmont (Apartment)

   Fay Building

   Fearless Dish Washer Co. Inc.

   Federal Building

   Fenton Wholesale Co.

   Field Sanitarium

   First Baptist Church

   First Presbyterian Church

   Fitzhugh (Apartment)

   Fitzhugh-Broad Building

   Fitzsimmons Bldgs.

   Flanders (Apartment)

   Flower City (Apartment)

   Flower City Boiler Co. Inc.

   Flower City Brewing Co.

   Flower City Charcoal Company

   Flower City Macaroni Company

   Flower City Macaroni Company

   Follansbee Bros. Co.

   Folmar Graflex Corporation

   Ford Cleaners & Dyers Inc.

   Forestry Division Bureau of Parks

   Four Corners

   Fourth Church of Christ Scientist

   Frank F. Foley Coal

   Frank H. Dennis Factory Inc.

   Frank W. Crouch

   Frankel Bros. & Co.

   Frankfort Mills

   Fredericks (Apartment)

   Fromm Bros. Sausages




   Galusha Stove Company

   Garfield (Apartment)

   General Elwell S. Otis Public School No. 30

   General Ice Cream Corporation

   General Motors Service

   General Railway Signal Company

   Genesee (Apartment)

   Genesee Baptist Church

   Genesee Brick & Supply Corporation

   Genesee Coal & Coke Co. Inc.

   Genesee Coal & Coke Co. Inc.

   Genesee Hide & Tallow Company

   Genesee Ribbon & Carbon Corporation

   Genesee Valley Lithographing Co. Inc.

   Genesee Valley Park

   Genesee Valley Park 

   Genesee Valley Trust Building

   Geo. C. Buell & Co.

   Geo. I. Viall & Son

   Geo. W. Chesbrough Shoe Mfr.

   George Mather Forbes Public School No. 4

   German Athletic Field

   Gleason Co. Inc.

   Gordon & Van de Visse Lumber Co. Inc.

   Gorsline Buildings

   Gospel Hall

   Grace Presbyterian Church

   Grand Theatre

   Graves Elevator Co. Inc.

   Great Lakes Paper Corporation

   Gulf Gas Station

   Gulf Refining Company



   H.B. Graves Co. Inc.

   H.H. Babcock & Co. Coal Yard

   H.H. Morse Co.

   H.H. Morse Co.

   H.W. Hopeman & Sons Co.

   Haloid Company

   Haloid Company

   Hanlon & Co. Inc.

   Hastings (Apartment)

   Haverstick Co.

   Headley Realty Building

   Head-Miller Co. Inc. Flour

   Heinrich Motors Chevrolet

   Henry Conolly Company

   Henry Wray & Son Inc.

   Herald Building

   Hess Co.

   Hetzler Foundries Inc.

   Hiler’s Garage

   Hill’s Garage

   Hires Turner Glass Company

   Holy Apostles Parochial School and Convent

   Holy Family Cemetery

   Holy Family Cemetery

   Holy Family Parochial School

   Homer Strong & Co. Inc.

   Hopeman Lumber & Mfg. Co. Inc.

   Howe & Rogers Co.

   Howell Trucking Service, Inc.

   Hub Oil Company

   Hubbs & Hastings Paper Co.




   Immaculate Conception Convent

   Immaculate Conception R.C. Church  & Parochial School

   Immaculate Conception R.C. Church Rectory

   Indian Splint Inc. Chair Manufacturers

   Irondequoit Chapter House D.A.R.



   J.C. Mirquet Co. Inc.

   J.W. Gillis Company

   J.W. Storandt Mfg. Co.

   James Cunningham Son & Company

   James Field Company

   James Whitcomb Riley Public School No. 29

   Jas. Conolly Company

   Jefferson  Junior-Senior High School

   Jefferson Garage

   Jenkins & Macy Co.

   Jewel Tea Co.

   John Connor & Son

   John F. Dunigan’s Garage

   John G. Elbs Egg Tray Mfr.

   John J. Soble Lumber Co. Inc.

   John P. Smith Co. Inc.

   John Walton Spencer Public School No. 16

   John Werner & Sons Inc.

   John Williams Public School No. 5

   Johnson & Seymour Dam

   Jonathan Child Public School No. 21

   Jones Park

   Jones Park

   Jones Park

   Joseph Amdoursky Abattoir

   Judge Motor Corp.

   Judge’s Socony Gas Station

   Judson Governor Co.



   K. Barthlemes Manufacturing Company Inc. Aluminum Specialities

   K. L. Paper Box Mfg. Co. Inc.

   Keelox Manufacturing Co.

   Kellogg-Smith Inc.

   Kelso Laundry Company

   Kensington (Apartment)

   King St. Park

   Knorr Sanatarium

   Kulp Trans. Lines, Inc.



   L.P. Gunson & Co.

   Lake Ave. Auto Parts

   Lake Ave. Hospital

   Lake Ave. Hospital Nurses Home

   Lake Ave. Memorial Baptist Church

   Lake Shore Transportation Lines, Inc.

   Lakeview (Apartment)

   Land O’Lakes Creameries Inc.

   Larkin Co. Inc. Gas Station

   Leach Steel Corporation

   Leary’s Dry Cleaners & Dyers Inc.

   Lecohn (Apartment)

   Lewis H. Morgan Public School No.

   Lewis H. Morgan Public School No. 37

   Lexington (Apartment)

   Lexington Station (Rochester Subway)

   Liberty Laundry

   Lincoln Alliance Bank & Trust Co.

   Lincoln Alliance Bank & Trust Co. West End Branch

   Lincoln Laundry Co. Inc.

   Lincoln Park Passenger Station

   Lincoln Park Passenger Station

   Lincoln Park Public School No. 44

   Loch Lomond (Apartment)

   Longs Boat House

   Loose –Wiles Biscuit Com.

   Lorscheider, Schang Company Inc.

   Lower Falls

   Luitweiler Corporation

   Lyell Ave. Baptist Church

   Lyell Ave. Baptist Mission

   Lyell Cooperage & Auto Parts Inc.

   Lyell Station

   Lynchford Park



   M. Moran Transportation Lines

   M.D. Knowlton Company

   M.T. May Dairy

   Madison (Apartment)

   Madison Junior High School

   Madison Park

   Madison Theatre

   Majestic Theatre

   Malta Temple

   Mambert (Apartment)

   Mansard (Apartment)

   Manufacturers Tool & Die Co. Inc.

   Maplewood Park

   Marion Brass & Aluminum Foundry Inc.

   Marriott’s French Dry Cleaning Works Inc.

   Max M. Kaplan Barrels

   McDonell Blk.

   Meath (Apartment)

   Mechanics Laundry Company

   Mechanics Savings Bank

   Megiddo Church

   Megiddo Mission

   Memorial A.M. E. Zion Church

   Michaels Stern & Co.

   Michaels Stern & Co. Coat Shop No. 6

   Middle Falls

   Miller Cabinet Company

   Miller-Grey Inc

   Miller-Grey Inc.

   Mohican Company Bakery

   Monica (Apartment)

   Monroe Block Co., Inc.

   Monroe County Court House

   Monroe County Jail

   Montclair (Apartment)

   Moor & Fiske Funeral Directors


   Morse Sash & Door Company

   Moseley & Motley Milling Co.

   Mt. Olivet Baptist Church

   Multipost Company

   Municipal Warehouse Department of Finance

   Murray Theatre



   Naramore Building

   Nathaniel Rochester Public School No. 3

   National Biscuit Co.

   National Casket Co., Inc.

   National Ice Company

   National Testing Laboratories Inc.

   Never-Close Garage & Sales

   New Apostolic Church

   New York Central Railroad Supply Department

   New York Central Railroad Supply Department

   New York State Railways Bus Garage

   Newman Bros. Grain Co.

   Norman C. Hayner Co.

   North Presbyterian Church & Parish House



   Old Homestead

   Oliver Farm Equipment Co.

   Ontario (Apartment)

   Ontario Biscuit Co.

   Otis Station (Rochester Subway)



   Packard Coal Co.

   Parko Products Inc.

   Parry’s Building

   Paskal Dairy

   Payne & Dunham Coal

   Pearl Hotel

   Peckens Gas Station

   Pennsylvania Railroad Freight Station

   Pennsylvania Railroad Passenger & Freight Station

   Peoples Rescue Mission

   Pfaudler Company

   Phelps (Apartment)

   Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron Co.

   Phoenix Service & Storage Garage

   Pidgedon (Apartment)


   Pioneer Coal Co. Inc.

   Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co.

   Plymouth Park

   Plymouth Spiritualist Church

   Portland  (Apartment)

   Post Office Arnett Station

   Post Office Bulls Head

   Powers Building

   Powers Hotel

   Precise Products Inc.

   Prens Carting Co. Inc.

   Presbyterian Church of the Evangel

   Prince Furniture

   Progressive Foundry Works Inc.

   Projection Optics Co. Inc.

   Public Health Nursing Association

   Pullman Building

   Pulver Company Inc.

   Pure Oil Company Gas Station

   Pure Oil Company Gas Station

   Pure Oil Company Gas Station

   Pure Oil Company Gas Station

   Pure Quill Gas Station

   Puritan Company Inc.



   Qualtop Beverages Inc.



   R. J. Strasenburgh Co.

   R.M. Myers & Co. Inc.

   Railway Express Agency

   Rapids Cemetery


   Reed House

   Regent Specialties Inc.

   Reliable Furniture & Carpet Co.

   Reynolds (Apartment)

   Reynolds Arcade

   Richardson Corporation Fountain Syrups

   Richardson Corporation Fountain Syrups

   Richfield Gas Station

   Richfield Gas Station

   Richfield Oil Corporation of New York

   Richters Garage

   Richwood (Apartment)

   Ritter Dental Manufacturing Company

   Ritter Dental Manufacturing Company

   Riverdale (Apartment)

   Rivoli Theatre

   Robinson Clay Product Company of New York Rochester Branch

   Rochester Anthracite Sales Inc.

   Rochester Athenaeum & Mechanics Institute (Administration & Domestic Science
      Building, Art Center Rochester Art Club, Bevier Memorial Building)

   Rochester Barrel Machine Works

   Rochester Brewing Company

   Rochester Button Co.

   Rochester Candy Works

   Rochester Carting Co.

   Rochester Children’s Nursery

   Rochester Community Home for Girls

   Rochester Department of Public Works Water Bureau

   Rochester Envelope Co.

   Rochester Fire  Dept. Engine Co. No. 21

   Rochester Fire  Dept. Engine Co. No. 23

   Rochester Fire  Dept. Engine Co. No. 4

   Rochester Fire  Dept. Engine Co. No. 7

   Rochester Fire Dept. Chief’s Quarters Supply Co. No. 1

   Rochester Fire Dept. Engine Co. No 8

   Rochester Fire Dept. Engine Co. No. 5

   Rochester Fire Dept. Headquarters

   Rochester Fire Dept. Hose Co. No. 3

   Rochester Fire Dept. Truck Co. No. 10

   Rochester Fire Dept. Truck Co. No. 3

   Rochester Fire Dept. Truck Co. No. 9 and Engine Co. 13

   Rochester Gas & Electric Corp.

   Rochester Gas & Electric Corp. Coal Storage

   Rochester Gas & Electric Corp. Garage

   Rochester Gas & Electric Corp. Power Station No. 2

   Rochester Gas & Electric Corp. Station 35

   Rochester Gas & Electric Corp. Station No. 3

   Rochester Gas & Electric Corp. West Gas Plant

   Rochester General Hospital

   Rochester General Hospital Nurses’ Home

   Rochester Heel Co.

   Rochester Hotel

   Rochester Ice & Cold Utilities Inc.

   Rochester Iron & Metal Co.

   Rochester Lead Works Inc.

   Rochester Liederkranz, Inc.

   Rochester Lime & Cement Corporation

   Rochester Lithograph Company

   Rochester Machine Screw Co.

   Rochester Motor Freight

   Rochester Museum of Arts & Science

   Rochester News Co.

   Rochester Novelty Works, Inc.

   Rochester Packing Co. Inc.  “Appeako”

   Rochester Packing Co. Inc. “Appeako”

   Rochester Pad & Wrapper Co. Inc.

   Rochester Paper Products Inc.

   Rochester Plumbing Supply Co. Inc.

   Rochester Police Dept. 5th Precinct Police Station

   Rochester Police Dept. 6th Precinct Police Station

   Rochester Police Dept. Central Police Station

   Rochester Presbyterian Home

   Rochester Public Library

   Rochester Public Library Arnett Branch

   Rochester Public Library Genesee Branch

   Rochester Public Library Lyell Avenue Branch

   Rochester Savings Bank Building

   Rochester Smelting & Refining Company Inc.

   Rochester Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

   Rochester Storage Warehouses, Inc.

   Rochester Tallow Company

   Rochester Telephone Corp.

   Rochester Telephone Corp. Genesee Exchange

   Rochester Times-Union

   Rochester Trust & Safe Deposit Co.

   Rochester Vulcanite Pavement Company

   Rochester Wash Tray Works

   Rochester Water Works Pumping Station

   Rochester Welding Works

   Rogers (Apartment)

   Roxborough (Apartment)

   Royal (Apartment)



   Salvation Army Hotel

   Sam Gottry Carting Company

   Samuel Sloan & Co.

   Saraghian & Rosenthal, Inc.

   Saratoga (Apartment)

   Saratoga Marble & Tile Co. Inc.

   Saxon (Apartment)

   Schaefer Bros. Builders Supply Co. Inc.

   Schoen Bros.

   School of Our Lady of Good Counsel (R.C.)

   Schuler Potato Chips Co. Inc.

   Schuler’s Pretzel Co. Inc.

   Security Trust Co.

   Seville (Apartment)

   Seward Public School No. 19

   Shell Eastern Petroleum Products Co. Inc.

   Shell Eastern Petroleum Products Co. Inc.

   Shell Eastern Petroleum Products Co. Inc.

   Shell Gas Station

   Shell Gas Station

   Shell Gas Station

   Sinclair Gas Station

   Sinclair Gas Station

   Sinclair Gas Station

   Sisters of Notre Dame Convent and School

   Sisters of St. Francis Convent

   Smith-Junior Co. Inc.

   Snyder Bros. Inc.

   Socony Gas Station

   Socony Gas Station

   Socony Gas Station

   Socony Gas Station

   Socony Gas Station

   Socony Gas Station

   Socony Gas Station

   Socony Gas Station

   Socony Gas Station

   Socony Gas Station

   Socony Gas Station

   Socony Gas Station

   Spacher’s Garage

   St. Anthony of Padua Convent

   St. Anthony of Padua R.C. Church, Rectory & School

   St. Augustine R.C. Church, Rectory, Convent & Parochial School

   St. Francis of Assisi Church R.C. and Rectory

   St. Lucy’s R.C. Church and School

   St. Luke’s Protestant Episcopal Church

   St. Mary’s Hospital

   St. Monica Convent

   St. Monica Parochial School

   St. Monica R. C. Church & Parochial School

   St. Patrick’s Parochial School

   St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church

   Standard  Brewing Company

   Standard Motor Sales

   Standard Oil Co. of N.Y.

   Standard Oil Co. of N.Y.

   Standard Oil Co. of N.Y. Gas Station

   Standish (Apartment)

   Stoneham (Apartment)

   Sts. Peter & Paul R.C. Church, Rectory, Convent & Parochial School

   Stuart-Oliver-Holtz Co.

   Sun Oil Company

   Sunoco Gas Station

   Super-Rest Bedding Co. Inc.

   Supreme Ice Cream & Dairy Products Company

   Swerger’s Garage

   Swiss Laundry

   Symington-Gould Corporation Lincoln Park Works



   Tatlock Bros. Inc.

   Taylor Instrument Co.

   Taylor Instrument Co. Athletic Field

   10th Ward Service Station

   Terminal Building

   Texas Company

   Thelma Louise (Apartment)

   Theodore H. Swan Brick & Tile Co. Inc.

   Theodore Roosevelt Public School No. 43

   Third Church of Christ Scientist

   Thomas J. Northway, Inc.

   Thurston (Apartment)

   Times Square

   Times Square Hotel

   Toddy Inc.

   Travelers Hotel

   Traymore (Apartment)

   Trinity Evangelical Church

   Trinity Lutheran Church

   Trinity Methodist Episcopal  Church

   Trinity Presbyterian Church

   Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church & Parish House

   Troup (Apartment)

   Troup St. Garage

   Tuety Show Case Co.

   Tydol Gas Station

   Tydol Gas Station



   U.S. Plywood Co. Inc.

   Union Trust Building

   Union Trust Co.

   Union Trust Co. Lyell & Saratoga Office

   United Presbyterian Church

   United Presbyterian Church

   United Shoe Machinery Corp.

   Upper Falls

   Upton Cold Storage Company



   Valley Court Apartments

   Van Transportation Lines

   Van Vechten Milling Co. Inc.

   Vanilla Laboratories Inc.

   Venice Hall

   Voelkl Bros. Chrysler & Plymouth



   W. B. Coon Company

   W. B. Morse Lumber Co.

   W. E. Schoeneman Inc.

   W. Valente Inc.

   W.H. Wilson Crane Service

   Wadsworth (Apartment)

   Washington (Apartment)

   Washington Parking Station

   Wax-Rite Products Co.

   Webber Market


   Weber Machine Corporation

   Weed & Co.



   Wehle Baking Company

   Wellington (Apartment)

   West Ave. Methodist Episcopal Church

   West End Theatre

   West High

   West High School

   West High School Athletic Field

   West Side School for Boys

   West Tire Setter Co.

   Westgate (Apartment)

   Westminster Presbyterian Church

   Westmoor (Apartment)

   WHEC Inc. (Radio)

   White Linen Supply Laundries Inc.

   White St. Garage

   White Star Market & Grocery

   White Wire Works Co.

   Whitmer-Jackson Co. Inc.

   Whitney Mills

   Whitney Public School No.17

   Wilder Building

   Wilhemina Hospital

   Will Corporation

   William Fitzhugh School No. 8

   Williams Coal Company

   Williamson Heater Co.

   Wilmont (Apartment)

   Wilson Park

   Wilson Park

   Winslow (Apartment)

   Winston (Apartment)

   Wisner Building

   Wm. C. Hart Co. Inc.

   Women’s Exchange

   Wright & Alexander Co.

   Wright’s Garage



   Yates (Apartment)

   Yates Coal Company

   Yates-American Machine Company

   Yawman & Erbe Mfg. Co

   Yawman & Erbe Mfg. Co. Athletic Field

   Yawman Metal Products Inc.


   Yorkshire (Apartment)

   YWCA Kent Hall