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List of Directory and Plat Maps in Rochester Images


Landmarks on the 1935 Vol. 1 Plat book of the City of Rochester, New York.



   A.C.W. of A.

   A.J. Mattle & Son

   Academy of the Sacred Heart

   Acme Fast Freight Service

   Advent Christian Church

   Alcazar (Apartment)

   Alcazar (Apartment)

   Alexander Court (Apartment)

   Alexander E. Lamberton Conservatory

   Alexander Hamilton Public School No. 31

   Algonquin (Apartment)

   Alliance Bank Monroe Avenue Office

   Alliance-Press Building

   Alling & Miles Inc.

   Alling & Miles Inc. Garage

   Ambassador (Apartment)

   Ambassador (Apartment)

   American Brewing Company

   American Button Co.

   American Clay & Cement Corporation

   American Glass & Con. Co.

   American Legion Memorial Post No. 206

   American Specialty Company

   American Taxicab Co.

   American Towel Supply Co.

   American Union Laundry

   Anador Apartments

   Anderson Park

   Andrews Public School No. 9

   Andrews Street Baptist Church

   Angelidis Building

   Archer Building

   Archer Motor Co.

   Architects Building

   Ardmore (Apartment)

   Ardrey (Apartment)

   Ardsley (Apartment)

   Argyle (Apartment)

   Arlington (Apartment)

   Arlington Garage

   Armory Park

   Arnold Court (Apartment)

   Art in Buttons Inc.

   Art in Buttons Inc.

   Arts-Crafts Building

   Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church

   Ashland (Apartment)

   Ashley Machine Works Inc.

   Asta Food Products Corp.

   Aster Theatre

   Atlantic Ave. Garage

   Atlantic Avenue Baptist Church

   Atlantic Gas Station

   Atlantic Gas Station

   Atlantic Gas Station

   Atlantis Sales Corporation

   Audubon Public School No. 33

   August Bros. & Company Inc.

   Austrian Cannon

   Avalon (Apartment)

   Avmont (Apartment)

   Avon Dairies Inc.

   Avondale (Apartment)



   B. Forman Co.

   B.C. Costich & Sons Inc.

   B.P.O.E. Rochester Lodge No. 24

   B’nai Zion Hebrew Library

   Baden Street Dispensary

   Baldwin (Apartment)

   Bancroft Motors

   Bancroft Motors

   Bantleon Bros. Co.

   Bantleon Bros. Co.

   Bantleon Bros. Co. Planing  Mill

   Bantleon Building

   Baptist Temple

   Barbara Gould Sales Corp.

   Bareham & McFarland Inc.

   Barnard Porter & Remington

   Barrett Company

   Barrett Company

   Barrington (Apartment)

   Bartholomay Company Inc.

   Batterson Bros. Trucking Co. Inc.

   Bausch & Lomb Optical Company (2)

   Bausch & Lomb Optical Company (3)

   Bausch Park

   Beauclaire-Mitchell Inc.

   Beechnut Packing Company

   Beechnut Packing Company

   Bella J. Michaels Day Nursery

   Belnord (Apartment)

   Belvedere (Apartment)

   Belvedere (Apartment)

   Belvedere (Apartment)

   Ben Wolk Motors Inc.

   Bennett (Apartment)

   Benson (Apartment)

   Berger Bros. Electric Motors Inc.

   Berkeley (Apartment)

   Berkeley Building

   Berkshire (Apartment)

   Beth Sholom Congregation

   Beth Sholom Congregation

   Bethel Free Gospel Church

   Bethlehem Lutheran Church

   BIltmore (Apartment)

   Blessed Sacrament R.C. Church, Rectory,  School & Convent

   Bliss Plumbing & Supply Company

   Boardman (Apartment)

   Boehmer Hotel

   Bourjois Inc.

   Bourjois Sales Corp.

   Bowman Bros. Printing Co.

   Boys’ Prevocational School

   Brack Container Corp.

   Brack Container Corp.

   Bretton Hall (Apartment)

   Brewster Crittenden Co. Inc.

   Brighton Cemetery

   Brighton Coal & Coke Co.

   Brighton Community Church

   Brighton Hotel

   Brighton Motor Sales Inc.

   Brighton Presbyterian Church

   Brighton Presbyterian Church Parsonage

   Brighton Reformed Church

   Brighton Sewage Disposal Plant

   Brighton Station (Rochester Subway)

   Brightview Inc.

   Broadhurst (Apartment)

   Brockway Motor Co. Inc.

   Bronner Building

   Bronson (Apartment)

   Brooks Hall

   Brown Brothers Company Wholesale & Packing Dept.

   Browncroft Park

   Browning Memorial Seventh Day Adventist Church

   Brownstone (Apartment)

   Buckingham (Apartment)

   Burke Building

   Burnett Printing Co.

   Burr & Starkweather Co.

   Bus Terminal



   C. Brooks Florist

   C. Schnackel’s Son Inc.

   C.D. Brown & Co. Inc.

   C.L. Hartman Corp.

   C.W.  Fields Inc.

   C.W. Hartung Stables

   Caley &  Nash Inc.

   Calvary Evangelical Church

   Calvary Presbyterian Church

   Cary Co.

   Case Building

   Case-Hoyt Corporation

   Cataract Brewing Co. Inc.

   Catholic Women’s Club

   Centennial Building

   Central Laundry & Supply Co. Inc.

   Central Supply House

   Central Trust Co.

   Century Club

   Century Theatre

   Chamber of Commerce

   Chapin Owen Co. Inc.

   Charles Carroll Public School No. 46

   Charleston (Apartment)

   Chas. O. West Coal Company Inc.

   Chase Brothers Company

   Chesterfield (Apartment)

   Christ Church (Protestant Episcopal) & Parish House

   Christ Lutheran Church

   Christian & Missionary Alliance Tabernacle

   Christian Reformed Church

   Church Home

   Church of St. Theresa (R.C.), School and Rectory

   Church of the Reformation, Church, Church School & Parish House (Evangelical

   Cities Service Gas Station

   Cities Service Gas Station

   City Delivery & Storage Co.

   Clifford Wash Service Garage

   Clinton Hotel

   Clinton North Building

   Clinton Parking Garage

   Clinton Theatre

   Cobbs Hill Park

   Cobbs Hill Park

   Cobbs Hill Reservoir

   Coburn Building

   Colby Park (Apartment)

   Colby Station (Rochester Subway)

   Colby Station (Rochester Subway)

   Colgate (Apartment)

   Colgate-Rochester Divinity School

   Colgate-Rochester Divinity School (2)

   College Court (Apartment)

   Colonial Beacon Gas Station

   Colonial Beacon Oil Co.

   Colonial Esso Gas Station

   Columbia Preparatory School

   Columbus Civic Center

   Commerce Building

   Commercial Building

   Commodore (Apartment)

   Concord Pubic School No. 18

   Congregation Agudas Achim Inusach Ari

   Congregation Ain Yakove

   Congregation Anshe Polen

   Congregation Anshel Kipel Wolin

   Congregation Beth Haknesh Ha Chodosh

   Congregation Beth Hamedresh Hagodel

   Congregation Beth Israel Synagogue

   Congregation Kneses Israel

   Congregation Light of Israel of Monaster

   Congregation Tiphereth Israel

   Congressional (Apartment)

   Connell & Dengler Machine Co.

   Consolidated Machine Tool Corporation of America

   Convention Hall

   Convention Hall Triangle

   Cook Building

   Cook Iron Store Co.

   Cool Chevrolet Inc.

   Coolidge (Apartment)

   Cooper Stores

   Copeland Building

   Cornell (Apartment)

   Cornwall (Apartment)

   Corpus Christi Church & School

   County Home & Infirmary

   Court (Apartment)

   Court Street Station (Rochester Subway)

   Cox Building

   Crane Company

   Crown Ribbon & Mfg. Co.

   Culver (Apartment)

   Culver Hall

   Culver Manor (Apartment)

   Culver Station (Rochester Subway)

   Curtice Bros. Company

   Cutler Building

   Cutler Mail Chute Company



   D & H Garage

   D.P. S. Health Bureau

   D.T. Stacy Company

   Dan Sohn Machine Company

   Davenport (Apartment)

   David Hochstein Memorial Music School

   Davis Building

   Davis-Howland Oil Corp.

   Declaration of Independence Monument

   Defiance Lantern & Stamping Corporation

   Delaware Hotel

   Delmar (Apartment)

   Delphee Hall

   Democrat & Chronicle

   Diamond Waxed Paper Co. Inc.

   Dollar Dry Cleaning Co. Inc.

   Domine Builders Supply Company

   Donovan Products Co. Inc.

   Douglas Hall

   Douglass Triangle

   Doyle Gasoline & Oil Co. Inc.

   Doyle’s Texaco Gas Station

   Doyle’s Texaco Gas Station

   Doyle’s Texaco Gas Station

   Dubois Press

   Dunsmuir (Apartment)

   Dyvers Garage



   E.D. Edwards & Son Garage

   E.J.Horton Inc.

   E.P. Reed & Company, Inc.

   E.T. Gilbert Mfg. Co.  Inc

   E.W. Edwards & Son Dept. Store

   E.W. Edwards & Son Warehouse

   East Ave. Building

   80 East Avenue Building

   East Avenue Court Apartments

   East Avenue Hotel

   East Boulevard Manor

   East High School

   East High School

   East High School Annex

   East Main (Apartment)

   East Main Hotel

   East Rochester Yards

   East Side Presbyterian Church

   East Side Savings Bank

   Eastman School of Music

   Eastman School of Music Kilbourn Hall

   Eastman School of Music Women’s Dormitory

   Eastman Theatre

   Eastman Theatre & Kilbourn Hall Power House

   Eastman Theatre Annex

   Eber Bros. & Co. Inc.

   Edelman Coal Company

   Edward Mott Moore Memorial

   Edward Mott Moore Open Air School

   Eggleston Hotel

   Elbs Arcade

   Elim Memorial Church

   Elim Tabernacle Pentecostal

   Elizabeth (Apartment)

   Elliot Advertising Service Inc.

   Ellison Building

   Ellwanger & Barry Memorial Pavilion

   Ellwanger & Barry Public School No. 24

   Ellwanger & Barry Realty Company Office

   Elm Bowling Hall

   Elmhurst (Apartment)

   Ely Building

   Emanuel Reformed Church

   Emanuel Reformed Church

   Emerson (Apartment)

   Empire Last Works

   Empire Milking Machine Inc.

   Empire State Ice Co.

   Engineering Building

   Erdle Garage

   Evangelical Lutheran Church of Peace

   Evergreen Park

   Excelsior Supply Company



   F. Strecker Company

   F.A. Jones Autos

   F.H. Rapp Co. Inc.

   F.W.  Woolworth & Son

   Family Theatre

   Fanny Farmer Candy Shops Inc.

   Fashion Park Manufacturing Corp.

   Fee Building

   Fincher Motors Inc. (2)

   Firestone Service Station

   First Church of Christ Disciples

   First Church of Christ Scientist

   First Free Methodist Church

   First Italian Baptist Church

   First Reformed Church

   First Unitarian Church

   First Unitary Society for Practical Christianity

   First Universalist Church

   Fitch Building

   Five Point Garage

   Fladd-Luig Company Inc.

   Floral Building

   Flowercroft (Apartment)

   Foss-Soule Press Inc.

   Francis Parker Public School No. 23

   Frank Fowler Dow Public School No. 52

   Frank H. Rivers Co. Inc.

   Franklin Institute

   Franklin Square

   Franklin Street Garage

   Fred F. Sabey Co. Inc

   Frederick Douglass Monument

   Freeman Clarke Public School No. 15

   Frey & Wheelman Inc.

   Furlong Building



   Gallagher Motor Co. Inc.

   Gannett House (First Unitarian Church)

   Garson & Wood Furniture Co.

   Garson (Apartment)

   Garson (Apartment)

   Gay’s Speedometer Service Station

   Gedemino Hall

   General Baking Co.

   General Electric Supply Corp.

   General Outdoor Advertising Co. Inc.

   Genesee Display Fixture Company

   Genesee Electrotype Co.

   Genesee Electrotype Co.

   Genesee Golf Club

   Genesee Hospital

   Genesee Motor Vehicle Co.

   Genesee Press Inc.

   Genesee Valley Club

   Genesee Valley Park

   Genesee Valley Park

   Geo. B. Hart

   Geo. E. Hazard Co. Inc.

   Geo. Higgins Co. Inc.

   George H. Thomas Public School No. 49

   George J. Keller

   George J. Keller

   Georgian Bay Lumber Co. Inc.

   Germanow Simon Machine Co.

   Gibbs (Apartment)

   Gibbs St. Building

   Gilpin Motors

   Gladstone (Apartment)

   Gleason Works

   Gleason Works

   Glenny Building

   Globe Auto Parts

   Golden Rule Spiritualist Church

   Good Luck Food Co. Inc.

   Goodland Tire Co. Inc.

   Goodman (Apartment)

   240 Goodman Street South Apartments

   Goodyear Glove Rubber Company

   Goodyear Service Inc.

   Gorsline & Swan Construction Company

   Graham (Apartment)

   Grand (Apartment)

   Granite Building

   Grant Liberty Building

   Graybar Electric Company

   Greyhound Building Bus Depot


   Grove Building

   Grove Street Parking Space

   Gulf Gas Station

   Gulf Gas Station

   Gustave H. Werner Estate



   H. Babcock & Company

   H. Siebert Sons

   H.C. Cohn & Company

   H.E. Clark & Bros.

   H.S. Taylor & Co. Inc.

   Haddon Hall (Apartment)

   Hafner Home Laundry Inc.

   Hamilton (Apartment)

   Hanford (Apartment)

   Harmon Automotive Corp.

   Hart & Vick Inc.

   Hart’s Food Stores Inc.

   Hart’s Food Stores Inc. (2)

   Hartford Street Playground

   Harvard (Apartment)

   Hayden Company

   Hayward (Apartment)

   Hazelton (Apartment)

   Hedges & Hoffman

   Hedges Funeral Parlor

   Hellenic Orthodox Church

   Hendrick Hudson Public School No. 28

   Henry Lomb Memorial

   Henry Lomb Public School No. 20

   Hermance Co.

   Hickock Manufacturing Company

   Highland Hall

   Highland Hospital

   Highland Hospital

   Highland Hospital

   Highland Park

   Highland Park

   Highland Park

   Highland Reservoir

   Highland Station (Rochester Subway)

   Hillside Home for Children

   Hillside Home for Children

   Hillside Home for Children

   Hiram Sibley Building

   Hollister Lumber Company, Ltd.

   Hollycroft (Apartment)

   Homer Knapp Contractor

   Hoover (Apartment)

   Horace Mann Public School No. 13

   Hotel Belvedere

   Hotel Broadway

   Hotel Cadillac & Garage

   Hotel Claridge

   Hotel Edison

   Hotel Ford

   Hotel Gilliard

   Hotel Hayward

   Hotel Lincoln

   Hotel Seneca

   Howe & Bassett Company Inc.

   Howe & Rogers Co.

   Hudson Dairy Company

   Hudson-Herman Garage

   Hugo Teutte Florist (2)

   Humane Society of Rochester

   Hunter Bros.

   Hunting Co.

   Huther Brothers Saw Manufacturing Co.

   Hyde Park Hotel




   I.O.O.F. Fraternal Building

   I.O.O.F. Temple

   Illinois (Apartment)

   Immanuel Baptist Church

   Imperial Floor Co. Inc.

   Ingmire & Thompson Co. Inc.

   Initial Towel Supply Co.

   International Harvester Company of America

   Iola Sanatorium

   Irondequoit (Apartment)

   Iroquois Building



   J. Cohen & Son Co. Inc. (2)

   J. Frank Norris (Norristone)

   J. Hungerford Smith Company

   J. Siddons Co.

   J.A. Hartsfelder

   J.W. Palmer Building

   Jacob Thomann & Sons

   Jenkins & Macy Co.

   Jewish Children’s Home

   Jewish Young Men’s Association

   John B. Keller Florist

   John B. Pike & Son Inc.

   John C. Moore Corp.

   John Luther & Sons Company

   John W. Babcock Coal Co.

   Johns Manville Sales Corp.

   Johnson & Seymour Dam

   Johnson & Seymour Mill Race

   Jordan Co.

   Jordslow Block

   Joseph A. Schantz Company

   Josiah Anstice & Co. Inc.

   Journal American Building



   Kaplan Hall

   Keith-Albee Building

   Keller Neumann Thompson Co. Inc.

   Keller Neumann Thompson Co. Inc.

   Kellogg Mfg. Company

   Kenning (Apartment)

   Kenning (Apartment)

   Kingston (Apartment)

   Kirkwood Sales Co. Inc.

   Kirstein Building

   Kirstein Optical Co. Inc.

   Kohlmetz Building

   Korts Dairy Products



   L.A. Comstock Lumber

   L.C. Langie Coal Co.

   L.C. Langie Coal Co.

   Lamners Garage

   LaSalle (Apartment)

   Leader Garage

   Lehigh Valley Coal Sales Co.

   Lehigh Valley Coal Sales Co.

   Lehigh Valley Railroad Freight Station

   Lehigh Valley Railroad Passenger Station

   Leo Hart Company

   Lerner Building

   Levi Brothers & Adler Rochester Inc.

   Levi’s Music Store

   Levy Building

   Lewis Street Centre (Library & Gymnasium)

   Liberty Tool & Die Co. Inc.

   Lido (Apartment)

   Likly Building

   Lily Pond

   Lily Pond

   Lincoln (Apartment)

   Lincoln Alliance Bank & Trust Co.

   Lincoln Alliance Bank & Trust Co. Portland-Clifford Branch

   Lincoln Alliance Bank Building

   Lincoln Building

   Lincoln Stores

   Lindbergh (Apartment)

   Little Red School House

   Loew’s Rochester Theatre

   London (Apartment)

   Lorraine (Apartment)

   Loyal Order of Moose Rochester Lodge No. 113

   Lutheran Concordia Church

   Lutheran Concordia Hall

   Lyric Theatre



   M.J. Zonneyville & Sons

   M.J. Zonneyville & Sons

   Mabbett Motors Inc.

   Mack International Motor Truck Corporation

   Magnolia (Apartment)

   Mandeville & King Company

   Manhattan (Apartment)

   Manhattan Restaurant

   Mann Builders Supply Company

   Marengo (Apartment)

   Markeen (Apartment)

   Marlborough (Apartment)

   Martha Matilda Harper Inc. Laboratories

   Martin B. Anderson Public School No. 1

   Maryland (Apartment)

   Max Lowenthal & Sons

   Mayflower (Apartment)

   McCurdy & Co. Inc.

   McFarlin Clothing Co.

   McKeeson-Rochester Drug Co.

   McKinley (Apartment)

   Medical Arts Building

   Meigs & Goodman Station (Rochester Subway)

   Meigs Court (Apartment)

   Mellaphone Corp.

   Memorial Presbyterian Church

   Meng & Schafer

   Menihan Company

   Mercantile Building

   Mercantile Building

   Merchant’s Linen Supply Co.

   Merchants Apartments

   Merchants Bank Building

   Meyer Foote & Dayton Co.

   Michaels Stern & Co.

   Millburn (Apartment)

   Miller Griffith Company Inc.

   Milner Hotel

   Milton Block

   Mixing Equipment Co.

   Moeller & Vogt Garage

   Monroe Auto Sales Co.

   Monroe Ave. Methodist Episcopal Church

   Monroe Avenue Station (Rochester Subway)

   Monroe County Penitentiary

   Monroe County Savings Bank

   Monroe Junior-Senior High School

   Monroe Junior-Senior High School

   Monroe Warehouse Company Inc.

   Montera (Apartment)

   Morgan Building

   Morgan Machine Company Inc.

   Morley Machinery Corp.

   Morrall Studios Inc.

   Morris Plan

   Morris Plan

   Morrison (Apartment)

   Morrison Park

   Morrison Press

   Mount Hope Presbyterian Church & Parsonage

   Mt Hope Cemetery

   Mt Hope Cemetery

   Mt Hope Cemetery

   Mt. Hope Florist

   Municipal Hall

   Myron (Apartment)



   Nathaniel Hawthorne Public School No. 25

   National Bread Company

   National Building

   National Clothing Co.

   Neisner Bros. Inc.

   New Windsor Hotel

   New York Central Railroad East Rochester Yards

   New York Central Railroad East Rochester Yards

   New York Central Railroad Freight House

   New York Central Railroad Freight Station

   New York Central Railroad Station

   New York State Armory 3rd Regiment

   New York State Barge Canal Terminal

   New York State National Guard Armory 121st Cavalry

   New York State National Guard Armory 121st Cavalry

   New York State Railways  Rochester System Portland Car Barn

   New York State Railways Blossom Yard

   New York State Railways Rochester Lines East Main Street Car Barns

   Newcomb-Anderson Shoe Co. Inc.

   Newport Sand & Cement Corp.

   Nicholson Auto

   Normandie (Apartment)

   Normandie Court (Apartment)

   North Street Methodist Episcopal Church (Italian)



   O’Connell Electric Co.

   Odenbach Co.

   Odenbach Co. Bakery

   Odonella (Apartment)

   Oliver’s Builders Supplies Corp.

   Ontario Ice Company Inc.

   Otis Lumber Co.

   Our Lady of Mt. Carmel R.C. Church & School

   Our Lady of Sorrows Church R.C.

   Oxford (Apartment)



   P. Muscarella Co.

   P.W. de Young Motors

   P.W. Friedler Soda Water

   Packard Buffalo Inc.

   Paige Sales Company Inc.

   Palisade (Apartment)

   Palmer Lumber Company (2)

   Palmer’s Glen

   Palmer’s Glen

   Park Ave. Garage

   Park Ave. Hospital

   Park Lane (Apartment)

   Park Manor (Apartment)

   Parkway (Apartment)

   Parkwin (Apartment)

   Parsells Avenue Baptist Church

   Peerless Garage

   People’s Outfitting Co.

   Peoples Outfitting Co. Warehouse

   Pershing (Apartment)

   Pertigone Hall

   Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron Co.

   Pike Motor Corp.

   Pilot Building

   Pinnacle Public School No. 35

   Pinnacle View (Apartment)


   Plaza Theatre

   Poplar Way (Apartment)

   Post Office Beechwood

   Post Office Brighton Station

   Present Building

   Pritchard Building

   Pritchard Storage & Warehouse Company Inc.

   Professional Building

   Progress Building

   Progressive Working People’s Lyceum

   Public Bath

   Public Baths

   Public Baths

   Public School No.  14

   Public School No. 49 Site

   Pure Quill Gas Station



   Quality Macaroni Company



   R.C. School

   R.K.O. Palace Theatre (2)

   R.K.O. Temple Theatre

   R.T. French Company

   Rabe’s Garage

   Rada Building

   Rae Gas Station

   Railway Express Agency

   Railway Express Agency (2)

   Railway Express Agency Garage

   Rankin Construction Co. Inc.

   Rankin Funeral Home

   Recketts (New York) Ltd.

   Redemptorist Fathers

   Regent Hotel

   Regent Theatre

   Revere (Apartment)

   Rexy Theatre

   Rhine Street Synagogue

   Ribbon & Carbon Co. Inc.

   Richfield Gas Station

   Roach-Thompson Corp.

   Roberts City Co. Inc.

   Robeson-Rochester Corporation

   Robfogel Paper  Company Inc.

   Rochester Academy of Medicine

   Rochester American Lumber Co. Inc.

   Rochester American Lumber Co. Inc.

   Rochester Auto Inns Inc.

   Rochester Auto Inns Inc. East Unit

   Rochester Auto Parts Inc.

   Rochester Box & Lumber Company

   Rochester Bronze & Aluminum Company Inc.

   Rochester Burial Case Company Inc.

   Rochester Business Institute

   Rochester Cast Stone Company

   Rochester City Playground

   Rochester City Playground

   Rochester City Pound

   Rochester City Traffic Division

   Rochester Clay Brick & Tile Corporation

   Rochester Club

   Rochester Concrete Construction Co. Inc.

   Rochester Co-Operative G.L. F. Service Inc.

   Rochester Dental Dispensary

   Rochester Dental Dispensary

   Rochester Dept. of Public Works Byron St. City Yard

   Rochester Electrotype Co. Inc.

   Rochester Fire Dept. 3rd Battalion Chief

   Rochester Fire Dept. Engine Co. No. 12

   Rochester Fire Dept. Engine Co. No. 2

   Rochester Fire Dept. Engine Co. No. 21

   Rochester Fire Dept. Engine Co. No. 6

   Rochester Fire Dept. Engine Co. No. 9

   Rochester Fire Dept. Engine Co. No. 9 & Truck Co. No. 9

   Rochester Fire Dept. Fire Prevention Bureau

   Rochester Fire Dept. Hook & Ladder No. 2 & Engine Co. No. 17

   Rochester Fire Dept. Hose Co. No. 19

   Rochester Fire Dept. Supply Co. No. 2

   Rochester Fire Dept. Truck Co. No 4 & Engine Co. No. 15

   Rochester Fire Dept. Truck Co. No. 7

   Rochester Fire Dept. Water Tower No. 1

   Rochester Floor Covering Co.

   Rochester Fruit & Vegetable Co. Inc.

   Rochester Gas & Electric Corp.  Gas & Electric Building

   Rochester Gas & Electric Corp.  Transformer Station No. 42

   Rochester Gas & Electric Corp. Gas Works East Station

   Rochester Gas & Electric Corp. Power House

   Rochester Gas & Electric Corp. Power House No. 4

   Rochester Gas & Electric Corp. Power Station No. 6

   Rochester Gas & Electric Corp. Station No. 38

   Rochester Gas & Electric Corp. Steam Plant

   Rochester Gas & Electric Corp. Transformer Station No. 43

   Rochester Germicide Company

   Rochester Grocery Company Inc.

   Rochester Hebrew School

   Rochester Ice & Cold Storage Utilities Inc.

   Rochester Ice & Cold Storage Utilities Inc.

   Rochester Interurban Bus Company Inc.

   Rochester Iron & Metal Co.

   Rochester Last Works

   Rochester Laundry

   Rochester Lumber Company

   Rochester Mannerchor

   Rochester Manufacturing Co. Inc.

   Rochester Materials Corp.

   Rochester Parquet Floor Company

   Rochester Police Dept. 2d Precinct  Police Station

   Rochester Police Dept. 3rd Precinct Police Station

   Rochester Police Dept. 4th Precinct Police Station

   Rochester Poster Add Co.

   Rochester Public Library Brighton Branch

   Rochester Public Library Goodman Branch

   Rochester Public Library Lincoln Branch

   Rochester Public Library Monroe Branch

   Rochester Public Library Park Avenue Branch

   Rochester Public Library Rundel Memorial Building

   Rochester Public Library South Avenue Branch

   Rochester Public Market

   Rochester Railways Coordinated Bus Lines Inc. Garage

   Rochester Refrigeration and Pump Company

   Rochester Savings Bank Franklin Street Office

   Rochester Savings Bank Franklin Street Office

   Rochester Scale Works

   Rochester Shank Co., Inc.

   Rochester State Hospital for the Insane

   Rochester Telephone Corp.

   Rochester Telephone Corp. Culver Central Office

   Rochester Telephone Corp. Monroe Exchange

   Rochester Telephone Corp. Plant Dept.

   Rochester Tool & Gauge Corp.

   Rochester Vanilla Co.

   Rochester Vulcanite Paving Co.

   Rochester Water Works Office

   Rochester Water Works Pumping Station

   Roehlen Engraving Works

   Roosevelt (Apartment)

   Roosevelt (Apartment)

   Roper Range & Furnace Co.

   Roslyn Court (Apartment)

   Royal Manor (Apartment)



   S.B. Roby

   S.M.Flickinger Company. Inc.

   S.S. Kresge Co. (2)

   Sachem (Apartment)

   Sacketta (Apartment)

   Sagamore Hotel

   Sagamore Hotel Building

   Salem Evangelical Church, Church School & Parish House

   Salisbury  (Apartment)

   Salvation Army Citadel

   Samson United Corporation

   Samuel A. Lattimore Public School No. 11

   San Carlos (Apartment)

   Sanders Company

   Save Building

   Saybrook (Apartment)

   Schantz Building

   Schelter Last Company

   Schiller Monument

   Schlegel Mfg. Co.

   Schlegel Mfg. Co.

   School of Christian Instruction

   School of Commerce

   Schwab Coal & Coke Company

   Sciota (Apartment)

   Scobell Chemical Company

   Searle Building

   Sears Roebuck & Co.

   Sears Roebuck & Co. Warehouse

   Second Reformed Church

   Security Trust Co.

   Seneca (Apartment)

   Seneca Garage

   Sergeant Motor Corp.

   Service Storage Company

   Sewage Disposal Plant

   Sheet Metal Workers Corp.

   Shelbourne (Apartment)

   Shell Gas Company

   Shell Gas Station

   Shell Gas Station

   Shell Gas Station

   Shell Gas Station

   Sherwood Shoe Company

   Shur-On Optical Co. Inc.

   Sibley Lindsay & Curr Co.

   Sibley, Lindsay & Curr Co.

   Sibley, Lindsay & Curr Co. Garage & Stables

   Siebert Motors Inc.

   Simmons Co.

   Simpson Box & Lumber Company

   Sinclair Gas Station

   Sisters of Mercy Convent

   Sisters of St. Francis Convent

   Sisters of St. Joseph Convent

   Site for Public School No. 45

   Skuse’s Cooperage Inc.

   Smith Ceramic Studios Inc.

   Smith Coal Co.

   Smith Lat & Co.

   Smith-Fredenburg Corporation

   Smith-Gormly Company Inc.

   Smith-Murray Inc.

   Socony Gas Station

   Socony Gas Station

   Socony Gas Station

   Socony Gas Station

   Socony Gas Station

   Socony Gas Station

   Socony Gas Station

   Socony Gas Station

   Socony Gas Station

   Socony Gas Station (2)

   Socony-Vacuum Gas Station

   Sodus Co-Operative Creamery Company

   Soldiers & Sailors Monument

   Sours Carting & Storage Co. Inc.

   South Ave. Baptist Church

   South Avenue Garage

   South Congregational Church

   South Park Station

   South Presbyterian Church

   Southern Wheel Co. Inc.

   Southern Wheel Co. Inc.

   Spencer Ripley Methodist Episcopal Church & Parsonage

   Spencer Ripley Methodist Episcopal Church & Parsonage

   Spiehler Building

   St. Agnes Institute

   St. Andrew’s Protestant Episcopal Church

   St. Anne’s R. C. Church

   St. Boniface Cemetery

   St. Boniface R.C. Church  Rectory, Convent & School

   St. Bridget’s R.C. Church, Rectory, Convent & Parochial School

   St. Elizabeth Guild Home

   St. Francis de Sales Chapel

   St. Francis Xaxier R.C. Church, Rectory, Convent,  School & School Hall

   St. George’s Lithuanian Church & Rectory R.C.

   St. James the Greater Protestant Episcopal Church

   St. John Home for the Aged

   St. John the Evangelist R.C. Church, Rectory & School

   St. John’s Lutheran Church

   St. Josaphat’s Ukrainian Catholic Church

   St. Josaphat’s Ukrainian Catholic Church & Rectory

   St. Joseph’s Hall and School

   St. Joseph’s Orphan Asylum

   St. Joseph’s R.C. Church

   St. Joseph’s Y.M.A.

   St. Luke’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

   St. Mark’s & St. John’s Protestant Episcopal Church

   St. Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

   St. Mary’s  R.C. Church & Rectory

   St. Mary’s R.C. Church

   St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church

   St. Matthew’s Evangelical Lutheran Church & Parsonage

   St. Michael’s R.C. Church. Rectory, Parochial School, Convent & Young Men’s Club

   St. Patrick’s Cemetery

   St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and Church School

   St. Thomas Episcopal Church

   St. Thomas Episcopal Church

   Standard Brands Inc.

   Star Palace Laundry Inc.

   State Theatre

   Staub & Son Inc.

   Staynew Filter Corp.

   Stebbins Motors

   Stecher-Traug Lithograph Corp.

   Stecher-Traung Lithograph Corporation

   Stein Bloch Company

   Sterling Garage

   Stevens & McMillan Co. Inc.

   Stewart & Bennett Inc.

   Stillson Street Garage

   Strand Theatre

   Strathmore (Apartment)

   Stromberg-Carlson Telephone Manufacturing Company

   Stromberg-Carlson Telephone Manufacturing Company

   Studio Building

   Sullivan Bros. Florists

   Summerhays Refractory Supplies Inc.

   Summerhays’ Sons Corporation

   Sumner (Apartment)

   Sunoco Gas Station

   Sunoco Gas Station

   Susan B. Anthony Public School No 27 & Friendship Nursery

   Sweeney & Boland Inc.

   Sylvan Water



   Taylor Building

   Taylor Schantz Company

   Teall’s Ice Cream Company

   Temple Beth El

   Temple Brith Kodesh

   Temple Building

   Temple Civic Center of Rochester (Auditorium Theatre, Masonic Club, Masonic

   Tennis Club of Rochester Inc.

   Texaco Gas Station

   Theosophical Hall

   Third Presbyterian Church & Parish House

   Thomas Creek Sewer

   Thomas Edison Technical & Industrial High School

   Thomas Holahan Co. Inc.

   Thomas S. Woodward Co.

   Thorndyke (Apartment)

   Tivole (Apartment)

   Todd Company Inc. (Protectograph)

   Triangle (Apartment)

   Triangle Building

   Trojan Sanitary Pipe Cleaner Co.

   Trolley Loop

   Trophy Cannon

   Tucker Building

   Tudor Manor (Apartment)

   Tudor Manor (Apartment)

   Tydol Gas Station



   Uhlen Carriage Company Inc.

   Uncle Sam’s Stores Inc.

   Union Coal Company

   Union League Club

   Union Street Garage

   Union Trust Co. Clifford-Joseph Branch

   Union Trust Co. Culver Office

   Union Trust Co. Culver Office

   Union Trust Co. East Ave. Office

   Union Trust Co. North Hudson Office

   Unique (Apartment)

   Unit Parts Rochester Corp.

   United Building

   United German-American Societies Inc.

   United States Post Office

   Universal Bottled Gas Corp.

   University (Apartment)

   University Club of Rochester

   University of Rochester College for Men (2)

   University of Rochester Strong Memorial Hospital & Nurses’ Home

   University of Rochester Women’s College

   University of Rochester Women’s College

   University of Rochester Women’s College (Cutler Union, Library)

   Upper Falls



   Vassar (Apartment) (2)

   Vermont (Apartment)

   Verwey Printing Co.

   Vick (Apartment)

   Vogel & Binder Company

   Voke Motors

   Voting Booth Storage



   W. A. Case & Son Mfg. Co.

   W.E. Biggers Rochester Corp.

   W.E. Bush & Co. Inc.

   W.T. Grant Co. Department Store

   Wadsworth Park

   Waldorf Building

   Waldron (Apartment)

   Wannemacher Bakery

   Ward’s Natural Science Establishment Inc.

   Washington Community House

   Washington Grove

   Washington Junior High School

   Washington Square Park

   Water Street Garage

   Webb Nursery Company

   Webber Bros. Animal Hospital

   Webster (Apartment)

   Webster Avenue Park

   Webster Avenue Park

   Webster Basket Company

   Wegman’s (2)

   Wehle Electric Company

   Weis & Fisher Co.

   West Carting & Storage Co. Inc.

   Western New York Milk Producers’ Co-operative Association, Inc.

   Westfall Station

   Wheeler Green Building

   White Front Garage

   White Memorial Building

   White Star Baking Corp.

   Whiting Inc.

   Whitmore Rauber & Vicinus

   Whitmore Rauber & Vicinus (2)

   Whitmore Rauber & Vicinus Warehouse No. 1.

   Whitmore Rauber & Vicinus Warehouse No. 2

   Whitmore Rauber & Vicinus Warehouse No. 2

   Whittier (Apartment)

   Williams Court (Apartment)

   Willow Pond

   Willsea Works

   Wilmer (Apartment)

   Wilmot Castle Co.

   Wilshire (Apartment)

   Wilshire Offices

   Wilson Building

   Wilsonia (Apartment Buildings)

   Winsted (Apartment)

   Winton Congregational Church

   Winton Station (Rochester Subway)

   Winton Station (Rochester Subway)

   Wm. B. Morse Lumber Co.

   Wm. E. Elser Wholesale Grocer

   Wm. Eastwood & Son Co.

   Wm. J. Meyer Company Inc.

   Wm. Pritchard

   Wood Specialties Inc.

   Wood Specialties Inc.

   Woodlawn Nurseries

   Woodward Playground

   World Theatre



   Y & E Building

   Yale (Apartment)

   YMCA Central Building

   YMCA Monroe Branch

   YMCA Railroad

   Young’s Wrought Iron Works




   Zimmerli Business Furniture Co.

   Zion Lutheran Church