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List of Directory and Plat Maps in Rochester Images


Landmarks on the 1888 Robinson's atlas of the city of Rochester, Monroe County, New York.



   Academy of Music

   Advent Christ Church

   American Express Co.

   Anne Finke Opera House

   Asbury United Methodist Episcopal Church



   B. Rochester Hydraulic Co.

   B.H. Clark Furniture Factory

   Bank of Monroe

   Baptist Missionary Union

   Baptist Missionary Union

   Bartholomay Brewing Co. (2)

   Bausch & Lomb Optical Instruments

   Boston Mill

   Brackett House

   Brick Church (Presbyterian)

   Brown Square

   Brown’s Race

   Buffalo Rochester & Pittsburgh Railroad Station



   C.B. Woodworth Glass Works

   Callister & Likly Trunk Mfg.

   Central Park

   Central Presbyterian Church

   Central Union & Transfer Co.

   Christ Church

   Christian Brothers Free School

   Church of the Epiphany Protestant Episcopal

   Church of the Holy Redeemer

   Church of the Immaculate Conception, Pastor’s Residence & Parochial School

   Citizens Gas Co.

   Columbia Savings & Loan Association

   Congregation Beth Israel

   Congress Hall

   Co-op Foundry Co.

   Co-operative Foundry Co.

   County of Monroe Jail



   Delaware & Lackawanna Western Railroad Building

   Diocese of Rochester

   Distributing Reservoir [Later Highland]

   Dutch Reform Church of Rochester



   E.B. Parsons Malting Co.

   E.P. Willis Lumber Yard

   East Side Savings Bank

   Eastman Dry Plate & Film Co.

   Edison Electric Illuminating Co.

   Eighth Ward Mission Church Baptist

   Ellwanger & Barry Mt. Hope Nursery

   Emanuel Church & Parsonage

   Emory B. & Mary Chase Lumber Yard

   Empire Moulding Works

   Enterprise Foundry Co.

   Erie Canal Feeder

   Erie Canal Feeder

   Erie Canal Reservoir

   Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Reformation & Parsonage



   Female Academy of the Sacred Heart

   First Baptist Church

   First Church of the Evan. Association

   First German Lutheran Church

   First Presbyterian Church

   First Presbyterian Church Society

   First Unitarian Congregational Society

   First Universalist Society

   Flour City National Bank

   Flour City Roller Mills

   Foley & Duncan Coal Yard

   Frank Street Methodist Episcopal Church

   Frankfort Mill

   Franklin Square



   G. Moulson & Sons Nursery

   Genesee Brewing Co.

   Genesee Brewing Co. (2)

   Genesee Park Hotel

   Genesee Valley Club

   Geo. Engert Coal Yard

   George M. Crouch Jr. Lumber Yard

   German Baptist Church

   German Baptist Educational Union

   German Evangelical Church (2)

   German Evangelical Lutheran Congregation

   German Lutheran Church

   German Methodist Church

   German Methodist Church

   Germania Hall

   Gilbert Brady Stone Yard

   Glen House

   Grace Church Society (2)

   Granite Mills

   Green Hospital



   H.H. Warner Observatory

   Hebrew Tabernacle

   Hedding Mission Church

   Hiram Sibley Ice Houses

   Hollister Bros. Lumber Yard

   Holy Apostles R. C. Church

   Holy Family R.C. Church & School

   Home of the Friendless

   Hotel Bartholomay

   House of Mercy



   Industrial School

   Irving Mill



   J. C. Lighthouse Tannery (2)

   J. Charlton’s Nursery

   J. Cunningham Son & Co.

   J. H. Wilson & A.G. Yates Coal Yard

   J.B. Booth Boiler Works

   James W. Gillis Moulding Mill

   Jewish Orphan Asylum Association

   John A. Smith Sash Door & Blind Factory

   John H. Fay Coal Yard

   Jones Square Park

   Junius Judson Tool Works



   Kelly Lamp Co.

   Klein & Hofheinz Bottling Works



   L.L. Allen & Bro. Woolen Mill

   Lake Avenue Baptist Church

   Lakeview Park

   Liberty Home

   Lion Brewery

   Lithographic Works

   Lutheran Protestant Seminary of Rochester

   Lyceum Theatre



   Madison Park

   Mechanics Savings Bank

   Memorial Presbyterian Church of Rochester

   Methodist Episcopal  Church

   Methodist Episcopal Church

   Methodist Episcopal Church

   Methodist Episcopal Zion Church

   Miller Brewing Co.

   Missionary Society of the Holy Redeemer

   Monroe County Court House

   Monroe County Savings Bank

   Monroe School No. 15

   Mt. Hope Cemetery

   Muncipal Gas Works

   Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York

   Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York



   National Hotel

   Nazareth Convent & Academy

   Nazareth Convent Academy

   New Osburn Hotel

   New York Baptist Union for Ministerial Education

   New York Central & Hudson River Railroad Centre Park Station

   New York Central & Hudson River Railroad Freight Station

   New York Central & Hudson River Railroad Passenger Station

   New York Central & Hudson River Railroad Round House

   New York Central & Hudson River Railroad Shops

   New York Lake Erie  & Western Railroad  Freight Depot

   New York Lake Erie  & Western Railroad  Station

   New York State Arsenal

   North Presbyterian Church



   Odd Fellows Fraternal Union



   P. B. Viele New Opera House

   P.V. Hawley Coal Yard

   Park Avenue Baptist Church

   People Flour Mill

   Plymouth Avenue Baptist Church

   Plymouth Church

   Plymouth Park

   Powers Block

   Powers Hotel

   Powers Hotel



   R. C. Orphan Asylum

   Rapids Cemetery

   Reformed Presbyterian Church Meeting House

   Rochester & Lake Ontario R.R. Co.

   Rochester Baptist Missionary Union

   Rochester Brewing Co.

   Rochester Bridge & Iron Works

   Rochester Cabinet & Mfg. Co. Saw Mill

   Rochester Car Wheel Works

   Rochester Citizen’s Gas Co.

   Rochester City & Brighton Railway

   Rochester City & Brighton Railway

   Rochester City & Brighton Railway Car House

   Rochester City & Brighton Railway Co.

   Rochester City Hall

   Rochester City Hospital

   Rochester Club

   Rochester Coach & Carriage

   Rochester Cotton Mill

   Rochester Dist. Co.

   Rochester Distilling Co.,

   Rochester Driving Park

   Rochester Electric Light Co.

   Rochester Fire Dept Hose House

   Rochester Fire Dept.

   Rochester Fire Dept.

   Rochester Free Academy

   Rochester Gas Light Co.

   Rochester Gas Light Co.

   Rochester Gas Works

   Rochester German Insurance Co.

   Rochester German Social Turn Verein

   Rochester House of Industry

   Rochester House of Industry

   Rochester Hydraulic Co.

   Rochester Hydraulic Co.

   Rochester Paper Co. (2)

   Rochester Pine & Hardwood Lumber Co.

   Rochester Pine & Hardwood Lumber Co.

   Rochester Plow Co.

   Rochester Preserving House

   Rochester Printing Co.

   Rochester Pump House

   Rochester School No. 10

   Rochester School No. 12

   Rochester School No. 13

   Rochester School No. 14

   Rochester School No. 14

   Rochester School No. 16

   Rochester School No. 17

   Rochester School No. 17

   Rochester School No. 18

   Rochester School No. 19

   Rochester School No. 2

   Rochester School No. 20

   Rochester School No. 21

   Rochester School No. 24

   Rochester School No. 26

   Rochester School No. 27

   Rochester School No. 3

   Rochester School No. 4

   Rochester School No. 5

   Rochester School No. 6

   Rochester School No. 8

   Rochester School No. 9

   Rochester Trust & Safe Deposit Co.

   Rochester Water Pipe Yard

   Rome Watertown & Ogdensburg Railroad Freight House

   Rome Watertown & Ogdensburg Railroad Passenger Station



   Salem German Church

   Schaffer Park

   Second Baptist Church

   Sewer Pipe Mfg.

   Shawmut Flour Mill

   Sill Stove Works

   Sisters of Mercy

   St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church

   St. Bonifacius Church, School & Pastor’s Residence

   St. Bridget’s Church Society & Parsonage

   St. James Church

   St. John’s Church

   St. John’s German Lutheran Church

   St. Joseph’s Society Church & School

   St. Luke’ s Church Society

   St. Luke’s Church Society

   St. Mary’s Boys’ Orphan Asylum

   St. Mary’s Church & Parochial School (R.C.)

   St. Mary’s French Church Society

   St. Mary’s Hospital

   St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church

   St. Michael’s R.C Church, Hall & School

   St. Patrick’s Church Society

   St. Peter & St. Paul Church Society

   St. Peter’s Presbyterian Church

   Standard Sewer Pipe Co.

   State Industrial School

   Stecher Lithographic Co.



   T. W. Finucane Carpet Shop

   T.H. Dewey Furniture Co.

   Third Presbyterian Church

   Trinity Church



   U.S. Express Co.

   Unidentified Ball Ground

   Unidentified Baptist Church

   Unidentified Box Factory

   Unidentified Catholic Church

   Unidentified Church

   Unidentified Church Building

   Unidentified Coal Yard

   Unidentified Grist Mill

   Unidentified Horse Car Depot

   Unidentified Hotels (2)

   Unidentified Lime Kilns

   Unidentified Methodist Church

   Unidentified Orphan Asylum

   Unidentified Orphan Asylum

   Unidentified Presbyterian Church

   Unidentified Rochester School

   Unidentified Rochester School

   Unidentified Rochester School

   Unidentified Rochester School

   Unidentified Saw Mill

   Unidentified Saw Mills (2)

   Unidentified School

   Unidentified Schools (2)

   Unidentified Shoe Factory

   Unidentified Soda Water Mfg.

   Union & Advertiser

   Union Hotel

   United Presbyterian Church

   United States Post Office

   Universalist Church Society

   University of Rochester

   Upper Falls



   Vacuum Oil Co.

   Vacuum Oil Co. (2)

   Vogt Mfg. Co.



   W. B. Duffy Cider Co. (3)

   W.S. Kimball & J. C. Hart Tobacco Works

   W.W. Mack & Co. Tool Mfg.

   Wadsworth Square

   Washington Square Park

   West Ave. Chapel

   Western New York & Pittsburgh Railway Freight Depot

   Whitcomb House

   Whitney Mills

   Wm. Gleason Machine Tool Mfg.