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List of Directory and Plat Maps in Rochester Images


Landmarks on the 1875 City Atlas of Rochester, New York.



   A. Bronson & Son Lumber Yard & Planing Mill

   A. Goetzman Soap Factory

   A.B. Lamberton Lumber Yard

   Active Hose House

   African Church

   Agricultural Buildings

   Alert Hose House

   Alex. Prentice & Son Lumber Yard

   Alexander Street Methodist Episcopal Church

   Andrew Gessel Rope Manufactory

   Arcade Mills

   Arnold Park

   Asbury Methodist Church

   Atlantic Garden



   B. Bush Bakery

   B. H. Clark’s Stave Factory

   B. M. Baker Hotel

   B.T. Hall & Co. Distillery

   Babcock & Langie Coal Yard

   Bank of Monroe

   Bartholomay Brewing Co. Brewery

   Bartholomew & Zeislein Cabinet Manufactory

   Bennett & Barry Lumber Yard

   Bentley, Parsons & Southwick Steam Saw Mill

   Bethlehem Park

   Boston Mills

   Brackett House

   Brick Church  (Presbyterian )

   Briggs Block

   Brighton Cemetery

   Brown Square

   Burger Stoneware Manufactory



   C. Doxtater Swimming School

   C.C. Meyer Carpenter Shop

   C.R. Tompkins Machine Shop

   Calvary Presbyterian Church

   Camerou & Chace Lumber Yard

   Canal Superintendent’s Office

   Carthage School No. 8

   Cathedral Free School

   Central Park

   Central Presbyterian Church

   Centre Square

   Charles Frank Opera House

   Chas J. Hayden & Co. Furniture Mfg. & Ware Rooms

   Chas. J. Hill & Son Flouring Mills

   Chas. Rau Brewery

   Chas. S. Hall Agricultural Works

   Children’s Home

   Christ Church Episcopal

   Chrystal Palace Block

   Church Home

   Church of the Holy Redeemer & School

   Church of the Immaculate Conception, Parsonage & Parochial School

   Church of the Reformation (Lutheran)

   Citizens Gas Works Gasometer

   City Hall

   City Hospital

   City Mills

   City Spring Brewer

   Clinton Hotel

   Clinton Mills

   Congress Hall

   Cornelius Parsons Saw Mill, Box Manufactory & Planing Mill

   Cosmos Hall

   Court House Square

   Cowley’s Drug Store

   Craig & Crouch Lumber Yard

   Crescent Mills

   Culver Park



   D. Bell & Son Planing Mill

   D. Copeland Jr. Lime House

   D. Mura Carpentry Shop

   D. R. Barton Edge Tool Manufactory

   Dalhouts Malt House

   Daniel Leary Coal Yard

   Daniel Leary Old Responsible Dye House

   Deep Hollow Creek

   Drain pipe Manufactory



   E. A. Rivers Sash Door & Planing Mill

   E. H. Daniels Livery Stable

   E.B. Parsons Malt House

   East Avenue Baptist Church

   Ed. I Thomas Ice House

   Ellwanger & Barry Mount Hope Nursery

   Emanuel Church, Parsonage & School

   Empire Mould Works

   Equitable Co-Operative Foundry Co.

   Erie Canal Aqueduct

   Erie Canal Basin

   Erie Canal Feeder

   Erie Canal Feeder

   Erie Canal Lock

   Erie Railroad Co. Engine House

   Estate  of E.H. Hollister Lumber Yard

   Estate C.E. Crossman Seed Warehouse & Greenhouse

   Ezra Jones Machine Shop & Foundry



   F. Miller Malt House

   F. Reche Coal Yard

   F.P. Michels Machine Shop

   Female Academy of the Sacred Heart

   Female Seminary

   First Baptist Church

   First Baptist Church

   First German Lutheran Church

   First German Methodist Church

   First Methodist Episcopal Church

   First Presbyterian Church  & Parsonage

   First Unitarian Society

   Flour City Cork Manufactory

   Frank Street Methodist Episcopal Church

   Frankford Mills

   Franklin Square

   French Catholic Church of Victories

   Friends Cemetery

   Friends Meeting House

   Friends Meeting House

   Frost’s Nurseries



   G. W. & C.T. Crouch Lumber Yard & Saw Mill

   Gamrelge Lock Works

   Genesee Valley Nurseries

   Geo. Ellwanger et al. Lumber Yard

   Geo. Engert Coal Yard

   Geo. Engert Coal Yard

   Geo. Tuety Cooperage

   George Bendel Hotel

   George Ellwanger Observatory

   George Whitney Store House

   German American Institute

   German Baptist Church

   German Evangelical Church

   German Evangelical Society

   German Methodist Episcopal Church

   German United Evangelical St. Paul’s Church

   Glen House

   Granite Mills

   Grove Place



   H. B. Smith’s Coal Yard

   H. Lampert Lumber Yard

   H.H. Edgerton Lumber Yard & Coal Yard

   H.T. King Ice House

   Harris & Armfield Morocco Manufactory

   Hayden Furniture Manufactory

   Hebrew Tabernacle

   Heirs Isab. Angell Smoke House & Ware House

   Heirs James Gallery Coal Yard

   Heirs W.E.  Sterrett  Cooperage

   Henry S. Hebard Marble Works

   Hill & French Coal Yard

   Hiram Sibley Deer & Goat Park

   Hiram Sibley Greenhouse

   Holland Church & School

   Holy Family Catholic Church

   Holy Family Cemetery

   Home for Friendless

   Hooker Nurseries

   Hudson Public School



   I.H. Rulifson’s Machine Shop

   Industrial School

   Irving Mills

   Isaac Butts Furniture Factory & Turning Mill



   J. Brown & P. Tuety Cooperage

   J. Luther Carpenter Shop

   J. Nagle Slaughter House

   J.B. Whitbeck Lumber Yard

   J.C. Wagner Carpentry Shop

   J.H. Child Saw Mill

   J.M. Moser Co. Coal Yard

   J.T. Stewart Carving Works

   J.T. Stewart File Works

   J.T. Stewart Shoe Manufactory

   Jacob Howe Bakery

   James Cunningham & Son Carriage Manufactory

   Jas. Hazard Cooperage

   Jas. Palmer Fireworks Manufactory

   Jefferson Mills

   Jno, D. Fay Coal Yard

   Jno. F. Bush Steam Cooperage

   Jno. Tallman Soap Manufactory

   John Kalb Tannery

   Jones Square

   Jos. Nunn Brewery

   Jos. Yahman Brewery

   Joseph Wesner Bakery



   Kidd Foundry & Steam Engine Mfg. Co.

   Kidd Iron Works



   L. Whitford Hotel

   Lackawanna Coal Yard

   Lake Avenue Baptist Memorial Church

   Lake View Park

   Leighton Bridge & Iron Works

   Loder & Chapin Glue Factory

   Lovecraft’s Planing Mill

   Lower Falls

   Luke Marvin Wood Yard



   M. Barrow Coal Yard

   M. Newdale & Son Green House

   M.F.  Reynolds S & B Factory

   M.H. Fitzsimmons Marble Works

   M.J. Bailey Wood & Coal Yard

   Mack & Co. Forge Shop

   Mack & Co. Machine  Shop

   Madison Park

   Madison Park School

   McConnell & Jones Warehouse

   Mechanics Savings Bank

   Model Mills

   Monroe County Court House

   Monroe County Jail

   Monroe County Penitentiary

   Monroe County Savings Bank

   Monroe Public School

   Mordoff & Woodworth Lumber Yard

   Mrs. Adwin Hotel

   Mrs. H.F. Brown & Miss M.E. Cummings Stone Quarry

   Mrs. Mary M. Parson Hotel

   Mrs. S.A. Budlong Stone Yard

   Mt. Hope Cemetery

   Myrtle Hill Park



   National Hotel

   Nazareth Convent & Academy

   New Weigh Lock

   New York Baptist Union Theological Seminary Trevor Hall

   New York Central & Hudson River Railroad Old Engine House

   New York Central & Hudson River Railroad Wood Sheds

   New York Central Railroad buildings

   New York Central Railroad Co.

   New York Central Railroad Co. Freight House

   New York Central Railroad Depot

   New York Central Railroad Engine House

   New York State Arsenal

   New York State Towing Path

   Nichols Park

   North Street Methodist Episcopal Church



   Odd Fellows Temple

   Ohio Basin

   Old Cemetery

   Ornamental Iron Works

   Osborn House



   P.J. Meyers Boat Yard & Shop

   Penny Lumber Yard

   Peoples Mills

   Peter Pitkin Stone Cutting

   Peter Pitkin Stone Yard

   Peters Ice House

   Phoenix Club

   Plymouth Congregationalist Church

   Plymouth Park

   Powers Commercial Fire Proof Buildings

   Protective No. 1



   R & T. Whalen Tobacconists

   R. Burke & Co. Ware Room

   Reformed Presbyterian Church

   Reynolds Arcade

   Rich. Peart Slaughter House

   Rochester & Brighton Railroad Co.

   Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Co. Depot

   Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Co. Freight Depot

   Rochester Agricultural Works

   Rochester Chemical Works

   Rochester Collegiate Institute

   Rochester Cotton Mills

   Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

   Rochester Driving Park

   Rochester Gas Light Coal House

   Rochester Gas Light Company

   Rochester Gas Works

   Rochester Glass Works

   Rochester High School

   Rochester Home of Industry

   Rochester Hose No. 2

   Rochester Hose No. 3

   Rochester Hyde Co.

   Rochester Kindergarten

   Rochester Orphan Asylum

   Rochester Paper Co. Ice House

   Rochester Paper Co. Paper Mills

   Rochester Paper Co. Reservoir

   Rochester Savings Bank

   Rochester School No. 10

   Rochester School No. 11

   Rochester School No. 12

   Rochester School No. 13 (Munger)

   Rochester School No. 14

   Rochester School No. 17

   Rochester School No. 18

   Rochester School No. 19

   Rochester School No. 20

   Rochester School No. 3

   Rochester School No. 4

   Rochester School No. 5

   Rochester School No. 6

   Rochester School No. 7

   Rochester School No. 9

   Rochester Seamless Paper Vessel Co.

   Rochester Sewer Pipe Manufactory

   Rochester Steam Engine Hose No. 1

   Rochester Steamer & Hose No. 4

   Rochester Water Works

   Rochester Water Works Distributing Reservoir



   Saginaw Lumber Yard

   Salem German Church

   Sam’l Lannar Cooperage

   Samuel N. Oathout’s Warehouse

   Samuel Porter Barrel Heading Manufactory

   Schepp Spice Mill

   Second Baptist Church

   Shaffer Park

   Shawmut Mill

   Sibley & Atkinson Greenhouse

   Sill Stove Foundry

   Sisters Catholic Orphan’s Society

   Spring Fountain Ice House

   Square (Chauncey Perry,owner)

   St. Bonifacius Church, School & Pastor’s Residence

   St. Bridget’s Church

   St. Francis Episcopal Chapel

   St. John’s Lutheran Church

   St. Joseph’s Church, School, Asylum & Convent

   St. Luke’s Church

   St. Mary’s Boys’ Orphan Asylum

   St. Mary’s Church, Pastor’s Residence & School

   St. Mary’s Hospital

   St. Michael’s Catholic Church

   St. Patrick’s Cathedral

   St. Patrick’s Church

   St. Paul’s Church Parsonage

   St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

   St. Peter & Paul Catholic Church & School

   St. Peter’s Presbyterian Church

   Strathallan Place

   Straubs Block

   Strong & Woodbury Whip Factory

   Sumner Park



   T.C. & C. W.  Briggs Coal Yard

   Third Presbyterian Church

   Third Presbyterian Church (Old Church)

   Thos. Peart Slaughter House

   Toll Gate on Mt. Hope Ave.

   Trinity Episcopal Church

   Turn Halle



   Unidentified Bank

   Unidentified Brewery

   Unidentified Coal Yard

   Unidentified Cooperage

   unidentified Episcopal Church

   Unidentified Fountain

   Unidentified Furniture Manufactory

   Unidentified Hotel

   Unidentified Hotels (3)

   Unidentified Ice House

   Unidentified Ice House

   Unidentified Ice Houses (2)

   Unidentified Livery

   Unidentified Lumber Yard

   Unidentified Methodist Episcopal Church

   Unidentified Pottery Shop

   Unidentified Powder House

   Unidentified Presbyterian Church

   Unidentified Presbyterian Church

   Unidentified Presbyterian Church

   Unidentified Pumping Engine

   Unidentified Rochester School

   Unidentified School

   Unidentified School

   Unidentified Synagogue

   Unidentified Warehouse

   Union Park

   United Presbyterian Church

   United States Post Office

   Universalist Church

   University of Rochester

   Upton Park



   V. Fleckenstein Steam Bakery

   Vulcanite Optical Works



   W. Lovecraft Heading Mill

   W. Lovecraft Saw Mill

   Wadsworth Cemetery

   Wadsworth Square

   Ward Mission Chapel

   Ward’s Museum

   Waring & Scott Lumber, Coal & Warehouse

   Washington Hall

   Washington Mills

   Washington Square

   Waverly House

   Western House of Refuge

   Westminster Chapel

   Whitcomb House

   Whitmore Rauber & Vicinus Coal Yard

   Whitmore, Brady & Co. Stone Yard (2)

   William B. Morse & Co. Lumber Yard

   William B. Morse & Co. Planing Mill

   William H. Cheney Architectural Iron Works & Foundry

   Wm. B. Geddes Cooperage

   Wm. G. Butler Lime Kilns

   Wm. King & Son Greenhouse

   Wm. Miller Brewery

   Wm. S. Little  Commercial Nurseries

   Wm. S. Little Commerical Nurseries

   Woodbury Booth & Pryor Boiler Works

   Woodbury Booth & Pryor Steam Engine Works



   YMCA Athletic Association